Schluter Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is seen by many as an expensive addition to a luxury newly built home. Despite this common view, like so many other options, it is becoming more and more accessible as an alternative to conventional heating methods. At Northern Ceramics, we work alongside companies such as Schluter, who provide both dry and wet based underfloor heating. It's important for us to provide not just high quality options to our clients, but options that are accessible, both to new builds and refurbishments.

With recent advances to how underfloor heating is installed, it is no longer the massive undertaking it once was. It can be as simple as laying down some matting on a floor whilst installing new tiles in a room. This is the main underfloor heating that we provide, as it is so simple to lay beneath tiles, that it can be a simple but excellent addition to any refurbishment. 


Where should I install it?

Underfloor heating can be added anywhere. No one ever complained about a warm floor under their feet! The most common area to install underfloor heating is in Bathrooms. This is due to the fact that Bathrooms tend to be smaller and are typically tiled, so they tick all the boxes when thinking about underfloor heating. It is also a barefoot traffic area, so your feet will be thanking you for installing it here! 


How do I actually install it?

The simplest way to install underfloor heating is by hiring a trade professional to install it for you. Luckily enough, due to the simplistic nature of the Schluter solution we provide, most tilers are comfortable installing it before laying your tiles. If you're comfortable installing it yourself and understand the risks and areas that you'll have to consider, then feel free! We've added a great video below to give you an idea of the system installation in use to show just how simple it can be!

How much does it actually cost?

Underfloor heatings cost is probably one of the biggest drawbacks of the system. Often seen as a premium option, even the idea can deter a lot of people before they even find out the price! Our Schluter solution starts at £363+vat for a 1.6moption. Seems expensive at first, but when you consider that this includes the entire system, it isn't so bad. An average bathroom at around 4m can run you up about £482.24+vat. Not an overly expensive option considering installation is so easy, and the system will last essentially as long as your floor lasts, if it's properly taken care of!


If you're interested in the prospect of adding underfloor heating to your home, why not get into contact with us and discuss all of your options?

You can get in touch either by web here or by phone at 028 77762839. We look forward to hearing from you all soon!