Tanking Kits

Why use a tanking kit?

A tanking kit is an essential waterproof membrane that is installed in bathrooms. If you’ve recently self-installed a bathroom and are noticing that water seems to be leaking from somewhere, you may have forgotten to use a tanking kit. Yes, you messed up. But as painful as it is to fix now, it will be five times as painful to sort it out later. Even if you’re simply changing tiles in a bathroom, it is crucial that you have a strong waterproof membrane laid down before attempting to tile over the top of the surface.

Our Palace tanking kit is a combined waterproof membrane system designed to protect tiled areas in locations such as wet-rooms, showers, bathrooms, and kitchen utility areas. The kit will inhibit the passage of moisture from within the tiled area, into substrates such as plaster, render, plasterboard, tile backer boards, timber, suspended floors concrete floors and plywood overlays.


It provides:

  • Protective waterproof under-tile coating.
  • Built in Flexibility accommodates movement & vibration.
  • Solvent free, easily applied liquid membrane.
  • Compatible with most surfaces and substrates.
  • Provides ideal base for wall & floor tile fixing.
  • Polyester reinforced tape provides crack-bridging protection for all wall & floor joints.


Instructions for Application:

  • Prime all surfaces (floors and walls) with a coat of PALACE WETROOM and allow up to 3 hours curing time. If using the tray former do not prime the tray former. Concrete floors must be primed. If you have existing walls covered with plaster or plasterboard use PALACE WETROOM PRIMER to seal the walls. If the walls are not covered, then clad walls with panels or plaster board (not supplied) and coat with PALACE WET-ROOM PRIMER (follow the instructions provided in the tanking system).
  • Using a brush or roller apply PALACE WET-ROOM to all wall, floor and tray joints. Apply the joint tape while the PALACE WETROOM is still wet smoothing down the tape as you go.
  • When fitting drainage gullies with PALACE WET-ROOM ensure that the whole gully gasket (supplied separately) is covered.
  • Smooth down the pipe collars so there are no air pockets left. Now cover the whole floor (tray), tape, gaskets and walls with one coat of PALACE WET-ROOM horizontally and allow to dry for three hours, then apply a second coat of PALACE WET-ROOM vertically, ensuring you have full coverage.
  • Leave to dry overnight or for at least eight hours before tiling (depending on site conditions). We recommend a full 24-hour cure for poor site conditions.


What happens if I just ignore this excellent advice and continue to just tile the wall?

Your tiles will fall off the wall. As grout is not waterproof, the adhesive you’ve applied your tiles to your wall with will begin to crumble. Structural damage will soon follow, as well as mould and moss right behind it. So, save yourself a hassle and next time you’re purchasing tiles for a bathroom, make sure you include one of our Tanking Kits with the purchase!