The Northern Ceramics Way

We're always looking to add high quality, beautiful products to our Showroom, so we recently visited factories throughout Spain in order to bring in new products to our range!


At Northern Ceramics, we’re always striving to bring in the latest tile trends, but this isn’t the only reason that we go all across Europe in search of our products. We strive to bring in high quality products.

When you think of a low quality Tile, you immediately start thinking of tiles shattering and chipping, but this isn’t the only factor which goes into the thought process. We have a long list of boxes that we like to check off!


The Abrasion Resistance: How your tiles will handle foot traffic and whether it’ll survive in a busy area, without wearing down.

The Breaking Strength: No one wants to hear the Tiler tell them that he or she needs more tiles because they chipped when being applied under weight. That’s why we know exactly how strong our products are before we order them.


The Scratch Rating: Letting your beloved pet over your new floor can be a chancy moment at best. With knowledge of our products scratch rating and our expert advice, you can feel safe letting Fido in on the cold winter nights, without worrying about your brand new floors being destroyed.

Water Absorption: Taking a shower and watching your tiles change colour around you is a problem no one should have to deal with. Our sales team know exactly which tiles are suitable for your stunning new wet room.


The Slip Potential: Are you   running into your home from the rain, or tip toeing to avoid a slip? Our products come with clear Slip Ratings, so we can advise you on what tiles you really shouldn’t have on your porch floor, or outdoors.

The Shade Variation: It’s almost impossible to create two identical products and shade variations are only natural, especially in products such as tiles. We try our best to ensure there is as little difference to our tile shades as possible, and all of our products are checked the moment they arrive in our warehouse for variations, so you’re receiving the same product you originally seen. 


After all those points, we're sure you can see the amount of effort we go into when trying to bring you the best product! We'd rather have a smaller library of high quality products, than a huge warehouse full of different ranges that don't meet our massive expectations. Customer satisfaction is one of our key company philosophies and we'll only ever bring in products that meet our requirements.


That's why we know that you'll be happy if you happen to pick one of our new ranges when you're shopping with us, before you even get the tiles installed. It's also the reason why we love to show off our happy customers homes on our Facebook page, to prove that there is method in our madness!