Maintaining Tiles

After laying your beautiful tiles, you’re probably wondering the best methods of maintaining them. Maintenance with your tiles begins from the moment they’re set. Sealing your tiles with products such as the Surface First Grout Guard and Surface First Multi Floor Sealer can ensure that your tiles are starting off on the right foot. Water can damage your tiles in many methods. Whether it’s rain outdoors, or steam from a hot shower, water can cause havoc with fresh tiles, promoting the growth of mould, and damaging both the adhesive and the natural structure of the tiles. It is important that you use a water based cleaning product, such as easy care cleaner, or the heavy duty tile cleaner, as this will avoid damaging the glaze of the tile. When laying down porous stone, such as Travertine, it is especially crucial to ensure that the tile and the grout are sealed with a strong, waterproof sealant. A well maintained tile floor can last for a life time.

Tiles on floor with a sofa in the backdrop

Regularly hoovering and brushing the floor to ensure that it is clear of dirt will prevent the surface becoming scratched. This can be alleviated by placing floor mats at entrance ways, as well as rugs in high traffic areas, such as hallways. Feet protectors under furniture can also be useful, as this will protect the floor from potential scratches if the furniture is moved. Moving furniture should be done with care, as dragging along tiles can cause damage or irreparable scratches.


Grout tends to gather dust and be slightly more vulnerable to damage and stains than the tiles will be. To ensure that this does not occur, it is important to properly maintain your grout over time. We recommend using the surface first Grout Cleaner. Grout Cleaner is a solvent based cleaner for use on grout. Grout Cleaner is especially effective in reviving grout lines back to original conditions. It is particularly effective at removing grease, wax, oil, polishes and built up dirt. Grout Cleaner leaves the grout colour and texture revived to new condition.Cream tiles on the ground with a cream sofa to match

Following the use of Grout Cleaner, we recommend using a product such as Grout Guard. Grout Guard is a solvent based sealer, for use on Grout. It is especially effective in preventing grout lines from staining. This can reduce the penetration of water, grease, oil and foodstuffs. Grout Guard prolongs the grout colour and texture, so that it remains cleaner for longer. Regular use of both Grout Cleaner and Grout Guard will prolong the lifespan of your grout, maintaining its youthful colour and structure.