Chevron Tiles

Chevron isn’t for everyone. For some, there’s a little too much going on. Others love its exciting sharp edges and delightful patterns, which can be used to create stunning effects. If you’re interested in getting Chevron into your home, keep scrolling and see if any of the room styles we have below interest you!



Wooden Chevron patterns can add a modern and interesting feel to bedrooms and other areas which typically use wooden floors. It can help your home stand out from the rest, while still maintaining that classic, clean cut wooden look that never goes out of style.


This mismatch flooring looks incredible and could be perfect for your next lounge or den. The conflicting colours and haphazard design maintains a rustic look, whilst still being exciting to look at, and an incredible eye drawing centrepiece for your room. The darker wooden colours are also neutral enough for you to maintain this style for years to come and remain in style.


This office space uses Chevron styling to create texture and an interesting environment for an office setting. It’s perfect for keeping the creative juices flowing, and helps add excitement to a room, which would otherwise be a dull surface.


This bathroom uses some incredible styling techniques, matching the white with the metallic colouring. Metallic colours are very much in trend now and this bathroom shows why. Retro colours like these, used in a Chevron style can create a stunning modern effect, even futuristic, whilst maintaining a classic bathroom appeal. Perfect when matched with the tub, like in this photo.


This kitchen takes a twist to the classic black and white tiles with the use of Chevron, showing how even a kitchen can be transformed to give a modern, exciting appeal, using this incredible pattern. The pattern ties in perfectly with the marble countertops, as well as blending seamlessly with the black kickboards and wooden counters.


If you have any interest in Chevron after reading this blog, or you’re wondering what other patterns are available for use, check out our other blog posts, or contact us and let us know what your dream design is, so we can help make it a reality.