Boast Tiles

Today we’re going to be talking about the common problems facing homes and how you can identify them before it’s too late!

Do you check your front door, expecting to see someone there, only to realise that the knocking you heard so clearly was caused by your tiles? You could be suffering from Boast Tiles! This problem regularly hits homes all over the country and can cause tiles to crack, grout to break apart, or tiles to completely shatter in the worst-case scenario! We’ll give you a few tips on how to pick up on this problem, so you can fix it before it’s too late.

This knocking noise might seem relatively harmless, but it’s really your tiles crying out for help. This can be caused by a variety of issues, but it’s common in areas that a leak might occur, or areas that are receiving heat, such as under or around radiators.

Another common sign of Boast Tiles is cracked grout, or in extreme cases, cracked tiles. Hopefully by knocking on tiles and with careful management, you can stop this before it occurs! Of course, in areas with a great deal of foot traffic, this can be impossible to predict or stop. It’s important to take care of your tiles, and any bounce or movement under foot can be a huge warning sign.

Boast tiles are caused by adhesive remaining on the tile, but breaking free of the floor. This can be caused by wet areas, or particularly warm areas as well. It is also an extremely common problem on newer floors, which haven’t fully set, which did not use flexible adhesive, or floors which haven’t been properly primed before applying the adhesive to the floor. A coin can also be a great way of knocking on your floor without hurting your knuckles! If it produces a hollow sound, you'll know your tiles are boast. Try it out in a few rooms and make sure all of your tiles are fine! If any are boast, you'll quickly realise it!

We recommend keeping the following in mind on tiled floors:

  1. Regularly maintain your tiles with proper products
  2. Perform the knock test on any tiles with damaged Grout, or in Wet or Warm areas
  3. Take care of areas with bounce underfoot
  4. Repair and replace these tiles quickly to reduce the risk of the problem spreading
  5. Ensure leaks, or water damage is alleviated at the source of the problem

Fear that you may have Boast tiles in your home? A quick fix may be available, or recommended by non-professionals, but it will never fully alleviate the problem, it will only delay the problem for another day. Get in contact with one of our professional staff and we can walk you through a solution, or give you advice on the best route to take to save or renew your floor.