The Pattern Tile Style Guide

The Victorian Patterns

Victorian Styles 1

Victorian geometric floor tiles have been used in interiors for decades and are still just as popular today. Whether you have a Victorian property or just love the style. Creating a modern interior using such traditional patterns can be difficult. However with the use of colour and modernised prints you can create contemporary feeling interiors, with a nod to the traditional.

Victorian Style 2

Victorian Style 3

Areas of Use

Victorian Style 4

Commonly found in hallways and pathways, Victorian floor tiles are also brilliant for kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces. There durability makes them a great choice for high traffic areas and means they can withstand the tread of everyday life – whilst still looking fantastic!

Victorian Style 5

Colours, Patterns and Borders

Victorian Style 6

Starting with the simple checkerboard, in either classic black and white, contemporary greys. However increasingly popular now is new ranges of Victorian prints in colour. Shades of blue are the most popular at this current time to add to a modern take on these classic designs.

Victorian Style 7


Victorian Style 8

If you’re considering Victorian Floor Tiles, we recommend coming to our store and getting samples to try at home. We offer a wide range of tiles that you can get inspiration from and will boost your creative side.

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