Outdoor Patio and Decking Solutions

Outdoor Patio and Decking Solutions

In this edition of the blog we are focusing on outdoor patio and decking solutions that can be used to extend your living space allowing you to enjoy your outdoor areas to the fullest.

At Northern Ceramics we stock a wide range of 20mm outdoor tiles and wood effect planks ideal that are perfect for transitioning from your indoor sunrooms and utility areas through to outdoor patio and decking areas. With various options available, here are some ideas to think about when choosing your outdoor tiling materials.

Think Big

The S Stone Range

Working with bigger outdoor areas can be daunting but one approach is to match large areas with large tiles. The S Stone Range are perfect tile for the creation of a uniform space where consistency is key to the minimal look that can be created, giving a sense of order in large open plan areas. This range is available in various sizes and shapes up to the larger 120cm x 120cm tile.



Making the Transition

Arkwood R11 Tile



Using the R11 anti-slip rating to your advantage when tiling in areas where there is footfall from indoors to outdoors can prove to be an effective way to increase the safety in areas that sometimes experience wetter conditions. The Artwood range has a R11 slip resistant rating and works beautifully in this regard. Available in both Oak and Honey wood effect planks this tile is a popular choice for sunrooms and decking areas.



Summer Ready

When summer approaches attention turns once again to our outdoor living space. Whether it is creating a new path way to provide ease of access to our rose beds or designing and building our outdoor family areas, there are a range of tiles that can help to create the solution we require to maximise these spaces.

Basaltina R11 Tile


 Ground Grey ADZ 20mm Tile



 Techstone R11 20mm Tile


Roden ADZ 20mm tile



Get Help With Your Outdoor Space Design


At Northern Ceramics we have wide range of products ideal for your outdoors space design ideas and have an experienced tile consultancy team that can help you choose the right solution for your needs.

View our range here: https://bit.ly/37yZ26t or contact us to arrange a design consultation or request a quotation.