Top 5 Places to Utilise Geometric Tiles

Thinking of modernising your home and making a stunning statement at the same time? Then we have you covered with our top five ways of using Geometric Tiles to enhance your home! These tiles create a wonderful illusion of texture, bringing your home to life. Geometric tiles support a neutral colour palette whilst still giving your home an eye catching zest. Bold colours and shapes work excellently in larger rooms, and the geometric shapes add adventure to monochrome colours, assuring your room feels exciting and warm.


Bathroom tiles

Thinking of spicing up the bathroom? Geometric tiles can create an amazing centrepiece for your bathroom, which is sure to make your guests jealous, such as our example below of a floor continuing on to a feature wall, giving your house a real show-stopper.

Bathroom Tiles

2.Office Space

Geometric tiles can be an excellent addition to an office, with details that your eyes can get lost in, to help keep your mind clear during a hard day’s work. Geometric styles can help modernise your office and give it the appeal of a silicone valley megacorp.

Office Tiles

The texture offered by geometric tiles can finish off your office space by providing the perfect counterpart to super modern furniture and hightech equipment. Variations in tone and appearance can compliment your room, adding an interesting feature to a dull office.

Office Tiles

3. Kitchen

Geometric patterns have their place in the heart of your home too. The Kitchen. Often overlooked and left bland and plain, a geometric backdrop or splash can modernise your home and help promote a creative atmosphere! Should you opt for a more exciting pattern; the Geometric style can bring inspiration into the kitchen, with their playful shapes and quirky colours adding a beautiful focal point to your home.

Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen Tiles

4. Utility Rooms

Utility Rooms can be a dreaded, boring room to walk into. After a long days work, entering a boring plain room to do laundry can ruin your night. Geometric Tiles can change this experience, transforming your utility room into a room that heightens the senses with gorgeous textures and subtle lines, breaking up the white drab and turning it into geometric fab.

Utility Room Tile Ideas

Utility Tiles

5. Living Rooms

Wooden floors are common in Living Rooms. Classic patterns and simple wooden floors can give a clean look which lasts for years. Geometric tiles take Wooden floors to the next level, breaking up the monotonous design and adding creative patterns to your living room.

Living Room Tile ideas

Darker colours can add a rich feeling to your living room, with thick textures adding a cosy comfort, or a man cave. Hazey colours and strong patterns can create an excellent atmosphere and polish off a mature, classy setting.

Living Room Tiles