5 Ways to Get Moroccan Tiles Into Your Home

Coming home from abroad can always be difficult. Whether it’s the thought of work looming on the horizon, or a return to a dull, grey home. Adding a touch of foreign flair to your abode can help keep the memory of your trips alive, and keep you sane throughout the year. Moroccan tiles are an excellent way of bringing the sun holiday back home, and might even entice you not to leave at all. Moroccan printed tiles bring an artistic flair when added to a room, whether it is an eye-catching splashback, or a jaw dropping walkway.

1. Framed Areas

Morroccan Tiles - Framed Areas

Injecting some of that Moroccan zest can easily overload a room and it’s important to have a clear start and end of the design. Framing your tiles rather than tiling an entire room or wall can prevent the pattern from dominating your interior design.

Moroccan Tiles

2. Feature Wall

Moroccan Feature Wall

Moroccan tiles in a feature wall format can explode a dull bathroom into life with vibrant colours and exciting shapes and patterns. A jaw dropping effect that is sure to draw compliments from jealous guests.

Moroccan Feature Wall


If you don't fancy an extreme feature wall, a more conservative option is a zesty splashback. Splashbacks. A splashback can be an excellent method of adding a splash of colour or excitement to a kitchen or to a bathroom. The natural whites and creams that most people employ in these rooms act as an excellent compliment to the style and cool the Moroccan spice.

Splashback tile image

4. Walkways

A framed walkway can create an excellent feature piece in your home, creating a new dynamic. A path through a kitchen or lounge can be a great way of breaking up a wooden floor, or a calmer tile pattern. Walkways also act as an excellent way of highlighting areas of your room, such as furniture locations.

 Walkway tile layout

Walkway tile layout

Mixing Moroccan with Other Tiles

A plain room can be spiced up with the addition of a few Moroccan tiles. A small number of extra tiles mixed with a lighter colour, such as white or cream can create a gorgeous effect, with the plain tiles helping to highlight the detail in the Moroccan design.

Mixing Moroccan Tiles